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Pacifix is a innovative boutique procurement consultancy based in Brisbane, Australia. As proud enablers Pacifix provide hands on, face to face support to deliver practical procurement outcomes. With a specific focus on thought leadership, strategy and planning, governance, procurement innovation, supply chain management and technical assistance.

Procurement Innovation
Supply Chain Management
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At Pacifix we are focused on achieving value for money outcomes and improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Pacifix believes good governance is about proper oversight, compliance and accountability.

We understand the importance of complying to Donor Funding conditions, contract management and reporting and can provide professional advice on adhering to these standards.

Pacifix Procurement Policy governs the way we do business. We take a principles based approach to all procurement activities. Pacifix operates in accordance with Australian Government and World Bank Procurement Guidelines

Procurement Innovation

While value can mean different things to different people, what we have found is that there is often a common element in people’s definitions of value both of which includes reducing costs and reducing risk.

However, ensuring value is maintained and developed is differentiated through:

  • building better relationships with suppliers;
  • and holding suppliers accountable for their performance and delivery

At Pacifix, we inspire an innovative mindset. Our team works hard at building relationships with both current and future suppliers and aligning organisation, business, procurement and supplier strategies to deliver greater value.

Supply Chain Management

Our extensive industry expertise knows how to support clients who experience natural constraints based on geography due to isolation and transportation, we know how critical it is to have an effective and efficient supply chain

Pacifix works across the supply chain “end to end” to understand and measure each critical milestone to eliminate bottlenecks and to identify where better planning, better process and better utilisation of warehouses and transport can assist with overcoming some of these constraints.

Technical Assistance

We analyse our clients ‘current state’, identify priorities and sustainable solutions and work together to connect the right people, at the right time, to provide the best fit for purpose solution.

Our approach is:

  • Engagement focused
  • Practical solutions
  • Agile and adaptable
  • Incremental change
  • Building capability
  • Results before reports
  • Safe hands

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